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Jorn Swart EnsembleJorn Swart Jazz Ensemble

Sunday, June 3, 2pm   
Join us for jazz on a Sunday afternoon. Jorn Swart is a spirited up-and-coming jazz pianist, composer, and arranger, living in NYC. The Dutch pianist's refined playing and emotive compositions have garnered him much recognition, here and abroad.  He toured Europe in 2013 with his debut recording, A Day in the Life of Boriz.   
Lucas Pino (bass clarinet) and Benjamin von Gutzeit (viola) are performing with Swart. The trio is on tour with Malnoia, Swart's  second album released last year.
Light refreshments served after the performance. Admission $12 and $10 for members & students.

Tea Talk with Lawn Tea

Kelsey BrowSunday, June 10, 1:30-4:00 pm                                       

It's time for tea! Come learn about how the world's most popular beverage was prepared, used, and marketed in 19th-century America. Have you ever wondered about the "pinkie out" stereotype of fancy ladies drinking tea? Find out this, and much more. There's a lot more to camellia sinensis than the dusty box of Lipton in your grandma's cupboard!    
Historic teas will be served. And, we invite to linger and enjoy some Victorian-inspired sweet and savory refreshments.  General admission: $18 / $15 for members & students.

Guest speaker, Kelsey Brow is a curator at the King Manor Museum specializing in historic house museums, textiles, food history, and material culture of the Early Modern period and the 19th century.

DIY journal in the makingGarden Creativi-Tea: Art Workshops

Wednesdays, July 11 - August 8 2018, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

All ages welcome! Our family-friendly summer art workshops are back. Make and take home your own creations.  Each week we combine art with some nature in the garden, and a refreshing glass of iced tea on the side.

Each week we'll feature a different project.  Come to one or come to all. On rainy and hot days, the program moves indoors.

July 11
Breezy Butterflies! It's an afternoon to create butterfly mobiles, a perfect item to bring the  summer spirit into your home. We'll look for some butterflies in the garden for inspiration.
July 18
It's all about spiders – mostly colorful imaginary ones. Help build our giant colorful web, and make fuzzy spiders to take home.
July 25
Pretty Pots for Pretty Herbs & Flowers:  We have the brushes, paint, and stencils to decorate terra cotta planters to adorn your window sills or terrace.  We provide the materials in a bountiful garden.  You can also start a plant for your planter.
August 1
It's for the birds! We will be assembling birds' nests from natural and man-made materials and will have a collection of actual nests to see how birds construct them.  If you haven't done any bird-watching, we'll happily provide an introduction.

August 8
What is a Victorian garden?  We'll introduce you to our Victorian garden features and invite everyone to design their own fanciful garden collage. What will you put in your garden design?
Admission for each session: $4 individual, or $10 family, per session.  Children under 3 admitted free.

Hip to Hip Theatre - Shakespeare in the Garden

The garden is the perfect setting for Hip to Hip Theatre's spirited, richly costumed, family-friendly & free productions.From family betrayals to fairytale endings, King Lear and All's Well That Ends Well delve into seduction, violence, and the courage it takes to be an outsider. Hip to Hip Theatre bring their two new productions into the  Voelker Orth's garden.

Come early! Starting at 7:00pm, Kids & the Classics is the companion piece to Hip to Hip's performances. This free interactive workshop is offered 30 minutes before every performance, and is designed for children ages 4 to 12. It introduces children to the characters and situations, creating links between the play and their own lives through theatre games and reading of text.

Fun for the whole family! All performances are free and open to the public. Seating provided in the Garden which is also accessible for wheelchairs.  Performances run 90 minutes. Note: The performance is cancelled in the event of rain.

All's Well That Ends Well     Friday, August 10, 7:30 pm
Having restored the King's health. Helena requests Count Bertram's hand in marriage but he flees.  Shakespeare's courageous heroine must stop at nothing to bring him home.

King Lear     Friday, August 17, 7:30 pm
The aging King Lear decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters based on their love for him. Misunderstandings ensue. Shakespeare's spectacular tragedy pits good against evil as the exiled princess returns to claim the throne.

Voelker Orth Honey Press ImageAnnual Honey Harvest Festival

Wednesday, August 22, 1:00-3:30pm 

Bee Smart!  Don't miss the annual celebration of all things honeybees!

The bees are busy in the summer and honey harvest time arrives in August. Join us for tasty, fun, and informative activities for all ages.  See how the Voelker Orth Museum's beekeeper harvests honey. Make bee-inspired art. Sample different types of honey from different regions. Learn what it takes to make a bee friendly garden.  Enjoy Betty's Zip Punch (the house punch made from Voelker Orth garden grapes) and honey-flavored treats.

Admission $4. and $10 for a family. Children under 3 admitted free.


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